Digital marketing is harder for Traditional Brands.

While DTC brands can leverage an almost perfect marketing attribution in digital channels and easily optimize their marketing mix, this is not that easy for traditional brands selling offline and/or through retail. As a consequence, running digital marketing effectively is much harder for traditional brands than for e-commerce businesses. And that's exactly why we have come up with a special approach for everyone who is selling offline and/or through retail.



Applying the online approach

Depending on their specific vertical, traditional brands with mainly offline sales typically try to reach the following direct goals with their marketing efforts: 1) Improve brand awareness, 2) Connect the brand with specific attributes, 3) Increase brand preference and 4) Create purchase intent for a (new) product.

While it takes large TV budgets to be able to track these goals via market research, this can be achieved with much smaller budgets in a digital environment. The big benefit from this is that this creates the opportunity to optimize and iterate campaigns while they are live. By doing so, we can use the same iterative approach like in performance marketing for e-commerce businesses.



How we can help

Our unique and renowned data-driven creative process allows us to create up to 500 creative assets per client per week. We are constantly iterating the agile creative against your specific business goals and only if the creative produces the results you are looking for, we are scaling the campaign. You have asked for Performance Marketing for the offline world? Well, here we go!



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