It's all about performance.

Lead generation and price comparison platforms are typically not exactly the dream clients of ad agencies. What matters to you is not design, look & feel, branding or whatsoever. It’s purely performance and that’s exactly what we do and how we charge.



We deliver.

We offer 100% CPL-based deals to our lead gen clients so that we can scale their marketing at absolutely no risk for them. Our unique and renowned data-driven creative process allows us to create and iterate up to 500 video ads per client per week. And it’s so efficient that we are not forced to charge any fixed fees but purely rely on CPLs.



Scale with us!

Our clients can typically spend $300-500k per month with us which allows us to be a good partner for their growth and given the risk-free nature of our deals there is nothing for them to lose. If scaling faster at no risk is something you are interested in, we are more than happy to talk!



  • We will be in touch within 24 hours.