Many dtc brands can't afford paid social anymore.

Across all Direct-to-Consumer verticals, paid social CACs have risen dramatically within the last years. Most Direct-to-Consumer brands face CACs higher than their CLVs which make them unable to leverage Facebook and Instagram, the customer acquisition channel with the largest reach of all.



We bet: with 30+ hands-on experts they could.

After having worked with more than 50 DTC brands, we know that there are brands which have a business model which simply does not allow them to run Paid Social profitably (e.g. businesses who rely on Google Shopping and thus typically do not have the required Cross Margin for Paid Social). Most brands, however, are perfectly able to run Paid Social profitable - they just lack the resources and skills to do it themselves. That's exactly where Stoyo comes in!



It's all about media buying, pricing and creative.

In order to unlock the great potential of Paid Social, we take over creative, media buying and pricing for our partners. Only the product itself is not touched by us. While media buying and pricing play a key role in Paid Social performance, the heart of our work is certainly our unique and renowned data-driven creation process. Unlike Adwords, Paid Social is all about creative and our set up allows to create more than 100 new (mostly video) assets per week per client and iterate and optimise these assets constantly. We are ready when you are!



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